What are some of the specialty cocktails at Lautrec?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

If you’re in the mood for a beverage that packs a punch, Lautrec whips up some serious signature cocktails sure to please any palate. If you have a few minutes to kill before your table is ready, saddle up to the bar and watch as the bartender works their magic to create some inventive libations. We recommend the classic Moscow Mule or the Woodford Manhattan, if you’re craving something hearty. If you’re a tequila lover (and really, who isn’t?), go for the Strawberry Patron, a fruity take on this high-end Mexican liquor. If you don’t have time to waste before being seated, you’re more than welcome to order cocktails from your table — or we recommend grabbing a drink afterward to lengthen your stay at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant.

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