What are the five best Lisbon food experiences?

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Gillian White

There are several food experiences and specialties well worth indulging during your visit to Lisbon, in addition, of course, to dining on gourmet international cuisine in its finest restaurants. Since you probably won’t have time to get to everything – at least on one visit – our Forbes Travel Guide editors feel these are the five culinary treats that belong at the top of your to-eat list:
1. Pasteis de Nata: These little egg tarts, originally from the city’s Belém district, are a great morning or afternoon snack. You can find them at cafés and restaurants throughout the city, but Casa Pasteis de Belém is one of the most popular spots that carries them.

2. Ginjinha: A delicious liqueur made of sour cherries, ginjinha is a Lisbon specialty taken as a shot with a piece of fruit at the bottom of the cup. Go directly to the source – the Ginjinha store – to try this sweet cherry-infused libation.

3. Bacalhau: This dried, salted codfish is served several different ways, including with boiled potatoes and cabbage. Trust us, it’s much tastier than it may sound.

4. Port Wine: The most famous Portuguese wine with a touch of brandy is predictably available in abundance in Lisbon. To learn more about the history of the drink, book an educational tasting at the Port Wine Institute in the city’s Chiado district.

5. Seafood: Portugal’s seaside location means you’ll have access to some of the freshest seafood in all of Europe – and Lisbon’s local chefs have mastered the skill of dressing up the many delights of the sea without weighing it down with unnecessary sauces or garnishes.

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