What words best describe the style of Capital Hotel?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

For a hotel this historic, five words might not seem sufficient, but we’d say Capital Hotel’s style can be summed up as follows:

1. Historic. Originally opened in 1870, Capital Hotel retains plenty of 19th-century charm with sweeping arches and flickering candlelight in the evening.

2. Lavish. Marble columns, stained glass windows, a soaring two-story lobby — it’s easy to see how the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel became popular with the city’s glitterati from the very beginning.

3. Comfortable. Just because Capital Hotel boasts 100-plus years of history in Little Rock doesn’t mean you have to daintily perch on the furniture or keep your hands off the marble columns. Rather, you can be “Southern comfortable” here, with no pretense.

4. Tranquil. Once you’re inside whichever room you’ve selected for your stay, you’ll notice that the wider world doesn’t exist. We’re not sure if it’s the historic thick walls or the plush carpeting, but you’ll hear nary a peep from your neighbors or the trolley outside, creating a highly relaxing environment.

5. Large. The elevator at the Little Rock hotel is so enormous that there’s a rumor it once accommodated General Ulysses S. Grant’s horse Cincinnati. Add in the hotel’s sweeping 14-foot ceilings and you’ll understand that everything is bigger in Arkansas.

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