What words best describe the style of 45 Park Lane?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

The singular style of London’s 45 Park Lane can best be described in these five ways:

1. Glamorous. The hotel features portraits of mega-watt celebrities like Kate Moss and Gwen Stefani in the bar, as well as in-room, black-and-white photographs of British Golden Age starlets hanging above the beds.

2. Art Deco. With strong horizontal lines and metal fins on the hotel’s façade, mirrored surfaces and fan-shaped lighting fixtures inside, the hotel makes several nods to this retro design era.

3. Intimate. There are only 45 rooms and the only way upstairs is through the front entrance and past the front desk. A central staircase links the lobby and first floors, making all your comings and goings a friendly affair.

4. Luxurious. Look around — the hotel features works by Damien Hirst and other leading contemporary artists, including large-scale paintings in the guest room corridors. Ultra-luxe touches like soft, pebbled leather are used throughout rooms and common areas.

5. Welcoming. While the door staff will greet you by name, the host assigned to you will act as a personal butler and concierge during your stay.

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