What in-room technology does Charlotte Street Hotel have?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Don’t be fooled by the fresh and cozy design of the rooms at Charlotte Street Hotel — among the wainscoting and plush furnishings is modern in-room technology to keep every guest comfortable. Each bedroom includes a swiveling flat-screen television by Loewe, along with a DVD player underneath. An in-house DVD library with hundreds of films is available for guests to choose from, and a Playstation or Wii can be delivered to the room upon request for the gaming type. On the desk is a Bose sound system with remote control and mobile phone charging dock. On the nightstand and bathroom vanity are colorful modern Tivoli radios, easily allowing guests to play classical music or tune into the news when the mood strikes them. The bathrooms also feature a television built into the wall at the end of the tub. The rooms do maintain some semblance of traditionalism though — no automatic drapes or bedside privacy notification buttons at this hotel.

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