What words best describe the style of Dorset Square Hotel?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Summing up the quirky Dorset Square Hotel in five words? It’s easily done if you use these:

1. Cricket. The Dorset Square Hotel takes its historic location seriously. Once upon a time this green part of London was home to Thomas Lord’s first cricket ground, and the hotel has gone cricket crazy with its quirky décor.

2. Whimsical. Yes, that’s a cricket ball acting as your closet’s doorknob. And indeed, the wallpaper in the hallway features colorful French botany pictures. Whimsy is almost everywhere you look at Dorset Square Hotel.

3. Intimate. With only 38 rooms, expect the staff to get to know you well and remember your preferences during your stay.

4. English. It has a drawing room. And afternoon tea. And umbrellas at the ready. We consider Dorset Square Hotel to be quintessentially English.

5. Central. The neighborhood surrounding the Dorset Square Hotel is filled with urbane cafes and shops, and it’s situated between two tube stations for access to practically any point in the city.

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