What is involved in One Aldwych’s turndown service?

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Turndown at One Aldwych is provided automatically, so if you’ve popped down to the Lobby Bar for a classic cocktail, you’ll return to find your room refreshed and morphed into a soothing sanctuary. The housekeeping staff will restore order if you’ve left the room in disarray, with clothes organized and amenities on your vanity straightened and replenished, while also dimming the lights and closing the shades on the busy traffic of the Strand outside. The white duvet on your bed will be turned down, and a pair of slippers will be set out by your nightstand. And even though it’s all about a good night’s sleep, the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel is already thinking about tomorrow, so you’ll receive a notecard that says, “Wondering how to dress? Here is tomorrow’s weather,” with a thoughtful description of what to expect (ours read “A cloudy, grey, misty and damp start” — ah London). You’ll also find a card that contains two tips of things to check out in the area around the luxury hotel, like a new play that is opening or the latest exhibit at the British Museum. Finally, you can expect a copy of the book Change the World from 9 to 5, which offers a suggestion of “50 actions to change the world.” A note inside suggests that the book has inspired the staff of One Aldwych, and they expect it will do the same for you — consider it a way to float off to sleep on a high note.

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