What words best describe the style of One Aldwych?

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Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star One Aldwych in the heart of London’s West End conjures a veritable thesaurus of descriptors thanks to its classical exterior and modern interior, and these were the first five that came to our minds:

1. Artistic. One Aldwych prides itself on its art collection, and each guest room has original artwork decorating the walls. You’ll also find larger pieces on the main floor, like the impressive almost-two-story oarsmen sculpture seated in the Lobby Bar.

2. Unexpected. After walking through the stark white of the Lobby Bar and reception area you’ll be surprised to find yourself in an elevator filled with electric pink lights, or to discover that your lap swim is complimented by an underwater music system. One Aldwych is filled with fun, surprising touches that will take you by surprise.

3. Understated. The concept of understated comfort is one the Four-Star hotel adheres to in each guest room, which sticks to a simple color palette and dark wood furnishings for a soothing design.

4. Floral. One Aldwych has its own florist on staff, and that handiwork can be seen throughout the hotel whether it’s the lone orchid by your bathtub or the giant displays in the Lobby Bar. The simple color palette of this modern, minimalist hotel is offset by these stunningly colorful pieces.

5. Quiet. Despite being located at a bustling intersection in Covent Garden with streets on all sides, you’ll barely hear a peep from outside once you’re in your thoroughly soundproofed room. Close the blinds and all of hectic London melts away.

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