What is the design style of St. Ermin’s Hotel?

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St. Ermin's Hotel has a fascinating design history. The hotel was born out of a late-19th-century mansion, with a conversion undertaken from 1899 by the renowned Victorian theater designer J.P. Briggs, resulting in a dramatic set of reception rooms boasting intricately crafted white “theatrical” plasterwork with a rococo flavor. Rooms were designed to be homey and roomy, and offered the newest technology of the day — including telephones, at a time when most luxury hotels across Europe were still using the soon-outmoded bell systems.

Even today, this design heritage is clearly apparent in the London hotel’s 331 spacious rooms and suites, decorated with global textures and calming colors to help you feel at home. It also remains up to date with the latest in-room technologies (such as LG Pro:Centric 37-inch LCD TVs). Outside of these rooms, the lobby offers time-honored grandeur with lofty ceilings and fine chandeliers, along with the gorgeous elaborate plasterwork. Caxton Grill restaurant offers a fresh, contemporary and light interior, and the conference rooms range from historic ballrooms to modern workspaces.

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