What are the best things to eat and drink at the St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

If you’re staying at St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel because you’re about to hop on a train and head somewhere else, then we recommend getting your fill of excellent British food and drinks via these five top selections:

1. One of the punches at The Booking Office Bar and Restaurant. The bar top is lined with vintage punch bowls that have glasses hanging off the sides, and your menu includes a list of what they are. We tried the Charles Dickens Memorial (when in jolly old England and all) and were delighted with this sweet but powerful punch.

2. The Meadow-sweet at the Gilbert Scott bar. These folks are masters at mixing gin, and the Meadow-sweet took the top prize at the 2013 Ginstock. The mix of lemon grass, thyme, juniper, apple juice, pineapple, lemon and of course gin creates a refreshing after-a-long-day cocktail.

3. The fish and triple-cooked chips at The Booking Office Bar and Restaurant. This is classic English fare done exactly as it should be, with crisp fish, mushy peas and a tangy tartar sauce.

4. The rabbit, prawn and mushroom pie at the Gilbert Scott restaurant. It’s described as one of the restaurant’s “main events,” and savory pie is practically an English national dish.

5. Lord Mayor’s trifle or sticky toffee pudding at Gilbert Scott restaurant. Yes, this one is a tie. It’s hard to go wrong dessert-wise when you opt for either of these classic British treats that promise rhubarb and ginger (the former) or soft cake buried in a toffee sauce (the latter).

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