What words best describe the style of the St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

One look at the impressive exterior of the St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel and you’ll be as dumbstruck as we were. Thankfully we regained our composure and decided the best way to sum up this lavish hotel is with these five words:

1. Historic. This building originally opened as a hotel back in 1873 and has been restored to showcase its Victorian-era pedigree with dramatic staircases and endless brickwork throughout.

2. Gothic. The towering spires and arched windows of this breathtaking Gothic structure will absolutely take your breath away upon arrival.

3. Eurostar. The hotel is directly connected to St. Pancras train station, which is where the Eurostar departs multiple times each day. In fact, you can walk from the lobby through the Booking Office restaurant directly onto the Eurostar platform.

4. English. From the fish and chips and sticky toffee pudding to the variety of punches and pitchers of Pimm’s Cup, you’ll find yourself deeply entrenched in all things classically English here.

5. Elegant. You’ll immediately walk straighter and smooth your attire upon entering the St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel. One look at the dramatic wraparound staircase and giant two-story atrium-style lobby, not to mention the doorman’s classy bowler hat, and you’ll feel the elegance wash over you.

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