What words best describe the style of The Dorchester?

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If you’re wondering what it’s like inside The Dorchester, a Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel, here’s how we would describe its style:

1. British. The Dorchester made an effort to stay true to its British roots and decorated its rooms like they belonged in an English country manor. From the floral prints to the medium wood furniture, you’ll feel like you’re in the countryside rather than across from Hyde Park.

2. Refined. The London hotel’s distinctive British style adds an air of refinement. Those floral prints come in reds, pinks, tans and yellows. Our tan fabric headboard with maroon leaves matched the upholstered chairs, and the subtle light brown patterned wallpaper brought it all together. Gold antiques like a mirror framed in ribbed pillars and the pleated shade sconces with leaf bases exuded refinement.

3. Art deco. While the rooms have that country-house feel, you’ll see art deco flourishes throughout the luxury hotel. It makes sense — The Dorchester opened in 1931 during the art deco period. You’ll notice the influences in the white-marble-filled guest bathrooms, gold sunburst clocks in the hallways and the spa’s eye-catching pearl chandelier.

4. Grand. This word applies mainly to The Promenade, the central gathering spot in the luxury hotel. At both sides of its entrance, oversized displays of different yellow flowers almost touch the ceiling. Thick muted red marble columns capped in gold line the length of the large room. In between them, sage upholstered chairs and tufted sofas fill the space.

5. Classic. You’ll get a classic experience here — from the rooms to the hospitality. When you check into the Mayfair hotel, a fruit platter welcome amenity (a plum, figs and an orange) waits in your room. And at turndown, a black bookmark with a rainbow of horizontal stripes is left for you next to a bottle of water.

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