What words best describe the style of The Egerton House Hotel?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

If we had to choose just five words to describe The Egerton House Hotel, they’d be the following:

1. Cozy. Space isn’t ample in the reception, lounge or dining room of the townhouse hotel, which means every guest feels like they’re in a friend’s living room or dining room. With a fireplace in both the lounge and reception areas, the public areas are instantly inviting.

2. Traditional. Light-colored furnishings and a clean layout keep the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel’s traditional English design from becoming overbearing or dated. With wooden railings down the stairways, ornately carved wooden tables and gilt-framed mirrors, the hotel nods to its English roots.

3. Homey. We love the bowls of sweets and snacks arranged throughout the reception area, as well as the board games, magazines and newspapers in the lounge that invite guests to take a seat and relax.

4. Unique. The luxury hotel has an astounding display of original sketches and artwork, along with interesting design pieces like the gilded antique clock with a swinging pendulum in the reception area.

5. Discreet. The London hotel is one of a row of townhouses, with its name displayed discreetly in golden letters above the wooden front door. Housed on a quiet street, it offers a home-like retreat with the convenience of being just steps away from a busy retail district.

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