What words best describe the style of The Goring?

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If you had to choose just five words to describe the legendary London hotel, The Goring, they’d be the following:

1. Homey. As you step into the lobby lounge or onto the backyard terrace at this Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel, you immediately have that warm and cozy feeling you get when visiting an old friend. Offering plush couches, a roaring fireplace and even portraits of distinguished locals, the atmosphere allows you to relax just as you would in your own sitting area.

2. Grandeur. With delicate chandeliers, white pillars and a statue of O.R. Goring standing prominently in the center, the main entrance to the lobby exudes a luxurious air, making guests aware they’ve stepped into a distinguished spot.

3. Humorous. The Goring family doesn’t shy away from personality when it comes to the property. Tongue-in-cheek comics about the hospitality industry are framed within the corridor. Large stuffed sheep sit in the lobby lounge and one sheep is placed in each guest room — a quirky touch for a hotel that hosts royals.

4. Discreet. Well-known for hosting royals and celebrities, the property’s discreet design welcomes those with a high profile. If you look closely, you’ll find benches, intimate seating arrangements and fire pits nestled in the corners of the outdoor green space. The veranda area offers a backdoor entrance to the property, and understated laneways allow for easy access as well.

5. Detailed. As you enjoy the property, you’ll find yourself noticing the remarkable touches that come together to create an intricately designed property. For example, dainty purple flower arrangements hang from the ceiling of The Dining Room and a matching touch of purple is also found in a single stripe that runs up the backside of each of the chairs.

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