What words best describe the style of The Ritz London?

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The Ritz London’s style celebrates luxury with its over-the-top style. Here is how we would describe the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel:

1. Opulent. The main floor is filled with grand Louis XVI-style décor, cream stone archways with gold borders and gold chandeliers. The Ritz Restaurant overloads on opulence with gilded bronze garland and chandeliers circling a painted-sky ceiling and a wall of mirrors.

2. Formal. The opulent décor also makes this is a much more formal hotel than others in the city. Jeans aren’t permitted in The Ritz Restaurant or The Palm Court (The Rivoli Bar is more lenient, but the denim better be tasteful), and sneakers aren’t allowed anywhere.

3. Historic. The London hotel opened its doors in 1906, and it was hailed for its innovation. It was one of the city’s first steel-framed buildings and had revolutionary amenities for the time, including bathrooms for each guest room. The people who stayed at the hotel also are part of the history. The royal roster includes King Edward VIII, King Alfonso of Spain and Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall. Charlie Chaplin had 40 policemen escort him to The Ritz to protect him from his throngs of fans, and Nöel Coward wrote songs while staying there.

4. Luxurious. Obviously, the lavish look of the hotel makes it luxurious, but it’s the small touches, too. In The Rivoli Bar, peruse a caviar menu with naccarii, baerii, oscetra and beluga, or have it sent up to your room. The bar also offers a decadent vintage cocktails menu, featuring drinks with rare spirits that cost up to £250.

5. Iconic. The Piccadilly hotel is a destination for locals and tourists, who all want to boast that they’ve been to the glitzy Ritz. That’s why teatime is always bustling and The Rivoli Bar a popular spot.

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