What words best describe the style of The Savoy?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

If we had to choose just several words to describe the richly historic The Savoy, they’d be the following:

1. Art deco. From the mirrored marquee on top of the front drive to the black-and-white checkerboard floor in the lobby, the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel does the era proud.

2. Glamorous. Framed portraits of famous hotel guests are in each room, while the staircase to the American Bar is lined with the signed napkins and well wishes of Old Hollywood stars and other celebrities.

3. Smart. The staff is dressed to the nines, with top hats and tails for the doormen and white jackets with black pocket scarves for the American Bar servers.

4. Discreet. Check-in is conducted in the rooms, and the reception area is tucked away in a room to the side of the lobby, ensuring guests of the London hotel are not disturbed by the heavy foot traffic from tourists and afternoon tea-goers.

5. Buzzy. After its triple-digit restoration, the hotel reopened to great fanfare and has seen a steady flock of power-lunchers to Savoy Grill and Champagne-sippers to the gilded Beaufort Bar, with its nightly cabaret.

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