What words best describe the style of Shutters on the Beach?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

The words we’d use to describe the style of Shutters on the Beach? Easy:
1. Residential. Framed photos in the lobby, relaxed furniture that you can sink in to and loads of knickknacks in the guest rooms will make you feel right at home.

2. Beachy. Shutters feels more beach house than hotel. The American flag flaps in the wind on the back patio and glass hurricanes are filled with sand and seashells.

3. Whimsical. We came across several whimsical touches that made us smile, like the yoyo in the guest room and the magic 8 ball you could shake up to find different answers to pressing questions like, “Should I go to the beach today?” Answer: yes!

4. Preppy. The preppy uniforms worn by staff perfectly complement the look and feel of Shutters. Bellmen are in blue button-down shirts with pink and blue striped ties and nautical belts, while the front desk staff is in khaki jackets with handkerchiefs in their pockets and pink button-down shirts. We just love when hotel staff perfectly dresses the part.

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