What five things should I be sure to pack for a stay at The Beverly Hills Hotel?

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Beverly Hills has a very distinct reputation: Countless celebrities call the city their home and plastic surgeons are never out of work. Before you stay at one of, if not the most, authentic establishments in the city, here’s a list of five things you should be sure to pack for a stay at The Beverly Hills Hotel:

  1. Bathing suit. It isn’t a California vacation without lying on an inflatable raft in the pool with a cocktail in hand. The Beverly Hills Hotel pool is divine, complete with lounge chairs and private cabanas, Club Cabana Café and lush surrounding scenery. If the warm weather doesn’t convince you to take a dip, perhaps the chicness of the famous pool deck will.
  1. Sunglasses. In addition to a bathing suit, you’ll want to protect your eyes from the rays whether you’re lounging by The Beverly Hills Hotel pool or shopping on Rodeo Drive. Maybe you have classic Ray Bans. Maybe you’re into designer bejeweled shades by Prada or Gucci. Whichever sunglasses you have, be sure to bring them to this Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel.
  1. Sunscreen. We can’t stress this enough: Lying out by the pool without sunscreen will cause you to burn and, therefore, feel uncomfortable the rest of your trip. Don’t get so excited about the iconic pink hotel that you forget to protect your skin from the sizzling heat.
  1. Designer high heels for women. There’s no official dress code at this Five-Star Beverly Hills hotel, but that doesn’t stop women from donning 5-inch Christian Louboutins or Manolo Blahniks wherever they go. You’ll want to fit in with the women who dine at the hotel’s esteemed and posh establishments like Bar Nineteen12 and The Polo Lounge with in-season pumps, a killer outfit and jewelry that looks like candy.
  1. Jacket for men. Again, there’s no dress policy for men either but all the guys dining at The Polo Lounge specifically can be seen wearing jackets and ties. Sure, it’s California, but Beverly Hills is no sleepy surfer town. How you present yourself is of the utmost importance in Beverly Hills — you never know who you may bump into in this star-studded neighborhood.

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