What is involved in The Beverly Hills Hotel’s turndown service?

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When you return to your room at The Beverly Hills Hotel each night with an array of shopping bags slung over your shoulder, you will find a transformed room. Quite simply, turndown service at this Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel is excellent. Your blinds will be closed and your lights dimmed to create soft mood lighting, which will complement the soft jazz music playing from your room’s speakers. Of course, you’ll notice that your comforter is turned down and your room is generally tidied up.
Treats like peanut butter cookies and bottled water as well as a menu listing some of The Beverly Hills Hotel’s signature items can be found on your bed. Some of the more unusual items on the menu include a SEATO ski crystal T-shirt for $79 and a pet bed for $179. Remember when Paris Hilton started the dog-as-an-accessory trend in L.A.? Well, The Beverly Hills Hotel encourages you to embrace your inner Paris and bring your pup. 

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