What is the most romantic spot at The Beverly Hills Hotel?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

With its lush banana plants and pink interior, The Beverly Hills Hotel is filled with romantic spots where you and your loved one can slip away. The Polo Lounge has a beautiful outdoor garden filled with palm trees and flowers where you can sit outside during the day and sip champagne, or request a more private area toward the back of the courtyard.

Looking for romance after the sun goes down? Head to Bar Nineteen12 and grab the two lounge chairs just outside the entrance, where you can enjoy some bubbly by the warmth of a fireplace. If those seats are taken, head out to the bar’s patio and snag a secluded love seat. The backs of the love seat go up really high, so you’ll get the privacy you’re looking for here.

Big spenders can book a private bungalow — Nos. 5 and 7 are celebrity favorites — and enjoy a meal by candlelight in your own private courtyard filled with red-orange trumpet vines and banana plants.

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