When was the last room renovation completed at The Beverly Hills Hotel?

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The last room renovation at The Beverly Hills Hotel was completed between 1992 and 1995 at a cost of $100 million, when the hotel lost about 40 rooms by making all rooms and bathrooms larger, including the ballroom. (Today, there are about 195 rooms available in total.) Though the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel’s amenities are quite different from when bright-eyed actress Elizabeth Taylor stayed at The Beverly Hills Hotel — it didn’t yet have central air conditioning and guests used large pink plug-in phones to make a call — today the hotel still retains its undeniable charm without ever appearing dated, which amazes us.
During the renovation, most of The Beverly Hills Hotel’s décor was updated — think new furnishings, fixtures and carpeting — but the architect managed not to compromise the landmark’s historical charm. For example, the walls of The Fountain Coffee Room are still adorned with original tropical banana plant wallpaper. A grand staircase, The Sunset Lounge tea room and The Polo Lounge private dining room were among the other additions.
This major renovation, though not terribly recent, has withstood more than a decade of changes in the hotel landscape. That is to say that the Five-Star hotel has retained the same beauty and glamour it exuded in the Roaring Twenties through to the 1950s, except now you can expect to use dual-line telephones and watch 42-inch flat-screen TVs. 

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