What are the best rooms to stay in at The Beverly Hilton?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

The best rooms to stay in at The Beverly Hilton are without question one of penthouse suites, which is most likely where celebrity guests like Alicia Keys and Kate Winslet go to hide from the paparazzi in the Four-Star Beverly Hills hotel. Suites on the private eighth floor range in size from 830 to 3,725 square feet. Every one of them has an L-shaped balcony that’s much bigger than the terraces in the regular rooms. Of course, the best of the best is the presidential suite, which comes with three bedrooms in rich, masculine, dark décor; two 42-inch plasma TVs; and a DVD player and surround sound. It also has a black marble tub next to big picture windows, where you can gaze out at the city while you take a bubble bath. For those who need a step down from the pricey penthouse suites, go for one of the Wilshire Tower rooms. It’s basically the standard room at the hotel, but it has a terrace, where you can sit outside and look out over the city.

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