What is the average price of a room at The Beverly Hilton?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

The average price of a room at the star-studded Beverly Hilton is $295 a night — a near steal for Beverly Hills. The Four-Star hotel’s rooms are little worn around the edges, with slight scuffs on furniture and the like, but they’re still inviting with soft yellow wallpaper and white crown molding around the bedrooms, where you’ll find upholstered beige headboards, dark wood furniture and chocolate-brown benches. And besides, you pay for access in this town: The Four-Star Beverly Hilton is a celebrity hangout and hosts more than 175 red carpet events every year. High-profile guests have included Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, Kate Winslet and Isabella Rossellini. Visit the hotel’s Bellezza Salon and you just might bump into regulars Sharon Osbourne and her daughters getting their hair done. You may even spot a president there, since every U.S. leader from John F. Kennedy to Barack Obama has checked in to the hotel. With all the possible star sightings, we doubt you’ll want to spend much time in your room.

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