What special amenities are in the rooms at The Beverly Hilton?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

When you stay at The Beverly Hilton, you’ll find a number of special amenities waiting for you in your room. The first thing you’ll probably notice is the 42-inch, HDTV plasma-screen LG TV mounted on the bedroom wall. Wilshire Tower and Cabana rooms also come with 13-inch LCD-screen LG TVs in their bathrooms. A nice tech amenity is the Bose Wave Music System CD/radio player and alarm clock. Okay, so the CD part is a bit outdated, but the radio offers good sound quality and has a remote control. Although you won’t find an iPod docking station in your room, you can request one from the front desk. Rooms also come with wired Internet and Wi-Fi access, though it costs $14.95 to get online for 24 hours or $70 for a week. You’ll find a safe in the closet where you could also charge your laptop, but if you need even more security, ask for a safe deposit box at check-in. Head into the bathroom, and you’ll see that the Four-Star hotel offers Peter Thomas Roth bath products and essentials, as well as Molton Brown products in penthouse suites.

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