What five words would you use to describe the style of The Peninsula Beverly Hills?

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It's hard to describe The Peninsula Beverly Hills with just five words, but we certainly can sum it up. Here's how we would describe the hotel:

1. Intimate. Although it is part of the larger Peninsula hotel family, The Peninsula Beverly Hills is really a smaller boutique hotel. With only 193 guest rooms, including 36 suites and 16 private villas, the hotel is made up of only five floors, topped with the rooftop pool and The Roof Garden restaurant. The Five-Star hotel really feels like a small property, where you can easily get to know everyone there.

2. Friendly. The staff at The Peninsula Beverly Hills goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and welcome. From the moment you get out of the taxi, you're swept away by staff and brought to the front desk. At check-in, the friendly and smiling team members will ask you a variety of questions to make your stay more comfortable. They quickly learn your name and address you by it throughout the course of your stay. Small touches like that make such a big difference. Order room service and the staff member who delivers it won't let you lift a finger he'll bring everything to you and make sure you're comfortable before he leaves.

3. Sophisticated. This hotel exudes style and class. It's luxurious and chic, yet comfortable and residential. Everything from the decor and furniture to the restaurant and bar is designed with impeccable taste. Things are done well here and the attention to detail is impressive.

4. Inviting. The Beverly Hills hotel invites you in and pampers you, so it's natural that when it's time to leave, you just don't want to. The Living Room lounge is the perfect place to relax and get cozy, whether it's for high tea and to listen to the daily harpist, or to hear the nightly pianist play. That's how the entire hotel feels, charming and warm.

5. Private. This hotel attracts celebrity and VIP clientele who seek to duck away from the public eye. And it's easy to do that here, with the 16 villas hidden behind the main hotel building, surrounded by the winding paths of the blossoming garden. If you're looking for some peace and quiet, rent a villa and escape your daily life.

Offer Nissenbaum

We would describe the style of The Peninsula Beverly Hills with these five words: Elegant; Resort; Sumptuous; World-class; Luxurious.

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