What is the scene like at Providence?

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The dining area at Providence is intimate and elegant, outfitted with subtle aquatic accents. The walls are painted in warm earth tones and whimsically decorated with clusters of white porcelain seashells. The room features an elevated ceiling with artistic light fixtures and high windows, providing plenty of natural light by day and the perfect mood lighting by night. Coral-like centerpieces complete the décor, while the high, white leather booths create a sleek and comfortable ambiance.
Dinner at Los Angeles' Providence is an all-evening affair. The service is beautifully orchestrated and the meal is truly the showpiece. Plan to stay for two hours or more, watching as course after course is gracefully presented at each table around you. The mood is festive; since there's a good chance someone in the room is celebrating a birthday or anniversary. For the full experience, arrive a half-hour early and enjoy a deliciously innovative cocktail in the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant's lounge. Tailored to the seasons, a savory winter choice includes the “Eskimo,” made with cognac, spiced squash, egg, cream, vanilla and black truffle.

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