Does the Belvedere offer special bread and butter service?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

We usually follow the “don’t fill up on bread rule,” but the Belvedere’s delicious breadbasket makes it hard to resist. When you sit down at the country-club-like table inside the Peninsula Beverly Hills, your attentive server will bring by a basket, and with one whiff of the fresh bread, we guarantee you’ll be hooked as well. The basket is filled with a variety of tasty slices: olive bread, pumpernickel/zucchini bread, mini French baguettes and crispy Asiago cheese crackers. You also get small ramekins of plain butter and one of a flavored butter — we loved the tomato-basil butter. Try all of the bread — even if it’s just a bite of each; they’re delicious, especially with the creamy, flavored butter spread on top. During our last visit, we couldn’t resist the pumpernickel/ zucchini bread — light, moist and flavorful, it was good enough to be dessert.

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