How old does my kid have to be to dine at The Belvedere?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

You won’t find a snotty attitude or any age discrimination against kids who dine at The Belvedere; this Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant treats all its guests with polished and attentive service, no matter what their age. So if you come to The Peninsula Beverly Hills’ restaurant with a few underage diners in tow, don’t worry about the service. That being said, children should be able to act like the adults they are treated as when dining at this chic Los Angeles restaurant. The Belvedere’s refined atmosphere and subdued tone make for an enjoyable evening, and no one wants a dinner interrupted by children screaming or running rampant. There may be no age limit here, but if your kids can’t keep quiet and still through a several-hour dinner, we suggest calling the sitter instead of bringing them along.

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