What is the dress code at the Belvedere?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, the Belvedere follows suit of its surroundings; you don’t need to pull out the diamonds and tux for dinner at this Four-Star locale, but you should plan to dress to impress. Men, don a jacket, and ladies, pack a nice ensemble or just make like a local and pick something up at the nearby couture shops of Rodeo Drive. But keep in mind, this isn’t the hip, young Hollywood, trend-setting crowd — an older, more sophisticated clientele dines on chef James Overbaugh’s modern American cuisine at this restaurant, so we’re talking that little black dress and suit jacket. If you’re headed to the Belvedere for breakfast or lunch, feel free to dress more business-casual or relaxed, but skip the jeans, tank top and flip-flops. For as relaxed as California beach babes might be, this is Beverly Hills, and you’ll want to be dressed appropriately sophisticated.

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