Does The Peninsula Beverly Hills Spa offer acupressure treatments?

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The Peninsula Beverly Hills offers various types of acupressure treatments, designed to help your muscles heal. The reflexology massage applies pressure to reflex points in your hands and feet, which correspond to other organs in your body. Your therapist will start by "reading" your feet to see where you need work. It really feels as though you're sitting down with a psychic — the therapist will tell you things you don't even know: where you hold worry within your body, where you hold your stress and even things that you're allergic to — all from looking at your hands and feet. The massage will help you release stress along with opening an energy flow throughout your body.

The shiatsu massage also applies pressure to specific parts of the body — and your therapist will use her thumbs, fingers and palms to do so. She'll also manipulate and stretch your body to release tension and stress and allow you to relax and feel balanced. You'll want to wear comfortable clothing during this traditional Japanese massage, as it will be performed on a shiatsu mat within your hotel room at The Peninsula Beverly Hills. Both treatments provide a version of acupressure that will help you feel renewed and balanced — you'll also learn things that you'll be able to use on a daily basis.

The Peninsula Spa offers acupressure in the form of shiatsu massage and reflexology treatments.

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