What are the locker rooms like at The Peninsula Beverly Hills Spa?

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The Peninsula Beverly Hills Spa’s men's and women's locker rooms are elegant and comfortable. These relaxing locker rooms are tastefully decorated with white and gray marble walls and cream and gray marble-tiled floors covered with plush cream rugs throughout. Other walls in the washroom area are tiled with tiny spots of soft blue hues.

The Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star spa's sea-foam green console tables provide a surface for a bowl of chilled towels and cucumber slices for your eyes, a cooler of citrus-infused ice water and a platter of fresh whole fruit. You’ll find a sitting area with two lounge chairs, a cream-colored ottoman and a table filled with magazines, in case you want to unwind before heading to the Serenity Lounge. Next to the sitting area are two tall shelves filled with plush white Peninsula Spa-logoed body towels. You’ll also find a scale, in case you want to weigh yourself. The locker area features 12 large lockers, where you can create a personal password on a digital lock keypad. We like this feature, as it allows you to easily open and lock your locker without having to carry around a key.

Also inside the locker rooms, you’ll find a marble vanity with a large mirror above it. The vanity is filled with all the essentials you’ll need — hairdryers, hairspray, combs, brushes, deodorant, cotton swabs — do we need to go on? You’ll also find shampoo, conditioner and shower gel in the showers so you can get ready if you need to head somewhere right after your treatment. Of course, there are restrooms for you to use as well. And don’t forget to spend some time relaxing in the eucalyptus-infused steam room, located right between the lockers and the shower area. Sit inside for a few minutes and breathe in the invigorating aroma. You’ll sweat out any toxins you might have put in your body the night before — cocktails from the Peninsula Club Bar, perhaps?

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