What kinds of nail services are offered at The Peninsula Beverly Hills Spa?

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If you’re looking to beautify your fingers and toes, The Peninsula Beverly Hills Spa offers various nail services to leave your digits looking pretty. The Peninsula Signature manicure and pedicure at this Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star spa includes a mix of reflexology, a herbal foot or hand bath, a massage with Andalusian jasmine oil, a warming mask and a paraffin treatment, followed by polish. You’ll also enjoy a glass of champagne during this treatment.
You can also get a Classic manicure and pedicure at The Peninsula Beverly Hills Spa, if you want something a little less involved. This treatment cleans your hands or feet, nourishes them with essential oils, massages and moisturizes them, and then finishes with a paint job. If you’re looking for a gel manicure, they have that here, too — the Classic Gel manicure offers a quick application and lasts for a couple of weeks but is just as easy to take off as regular polish. It’s perfect for a girl on the run.
The Brazilian Propolis manicure and pedicure uses the natural healing agent propolis, produced by honeybees, as a wrap on your hands to heal dry skin. It also includes a massage and a coconut salt soak, a papaya-pineapple enzyme exfoliation and an application of warm coconut milk — leaving your hands and feet feeling hydrated and smooth — followed by a pretty polish.
If your hands or feet are really dry, try The Peninsula Beverly Hills Spa’s Micro Infusion manicure and pedicure, which uses a tri-crystal microdermabrasion product to soothe even the driest of skin. Blended with aloe vera, it will heal your skin and leave it feeling smooth and soft; your hands and feet will be transformed after this not-so-traditional mani and pedi.
If you’re a chocolate lover, you’ll love this Beverly Hills spa’s White Chocolate Indulgence mani and pedi. This treatment starts off with a rose petal foot soak and is followed by a cinnamon vanilla scrub to wash away dead skin. A chocolate crème mask will leave your hands and feet feeling hydrated, while a massage will relax your hands before polish is applied.
Young ones — children under 10 — can also pamper their fingers and toes with The Peninsula Spa’s children’s mani and pedi. These mini treatments clean and exfoliate the nail and cuticles and include a hand and foot massage followed by a polish application.

We perform nail services inside The Peninsula Spa in our private nail suites, or outside in a poolside cabana. A guest can enjoy these treatments performed side by side with a friend or partner, or alone. Our many manicure/pedicure options include an Epicuren microdermabrasion treatment, Brazilian propolis treatment, or white chocolate soufflé. We use the most non-toxic polish and products and can use gel polish for a longer-lasting finish. 

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