What kinds of wraps are offered at The Peninsula Beverly Hills Spa?

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The Peninsula Beverly Hills Spa offers various types of body wraps that will leave your skin feeling fantastic. Any of the following wraps at this Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star spa offer a great way to hydrate your skin and treat your whole body, including parts that you forget to moisturize and work on regularly:

• The Green Tea & Sea Enzyme Body Wrap uses a body scrub filled with antioxidants to clean your skin and prepare it for the wrap. Your body will be smothered in a mix of green tea, ginger root and seaweed algae, which will leave you feeling relaxed. After a scrub and wrap, you’ll enjoy a massage and lotion application.
• The Peninsula Spa’s Detoxifying Volcanic Body Wrap uses a mask made of volcanic ash and China clay to detoxify your body, which is then followed by a relaxing massage.
• The Brazilian Propolis Body Wrap at this Beverly Hills spa uses propolis, a natural material produced by honeybees that aids in healing. Propolis is slathered on your skin and then covered with warm coconut milk (which seals the propolis) before being massaged in, leaving your body feeling hydrated and free of toxins. 

The Peninsula Spa offers many different body wrap options including the following:
Green Tea & Sea Enzyme Body Wrap: 90 minutes
Beginning with a cleansing and antioxidant-rich body scrub to prepare the skin, a body wrap then
follows, containing green tea to relax and balance the body, ginger root to invigorate the mind, and a seaweed algae that stimulates the body’s metabolism. The final step is an aromatherapy massage with Epicuren lotion, to relax and rejuvenate.
Brazilian Propolis Body Wrap: 90 minutes
Propolis is a natural healing agent produced by honeybees in the Brazilian rainforest. This incredible substance is exceptionally high in antioxidants and forms a natural barrier against disease. In this unique wrap, the propolis is applied to the skin and sealed through the use of warm coconut milk poured over the entire body and massaged in for remarkable hydrating and healing results. The harvesting of propolis produces economic aid to the Brazilian rainforest while at the same time being ecologically friendly.
Detoxifying Volcanic Body Wrap: 90 minutes
Following a deliciously scented body scrub to smooth and prepare the skin, an aromatic botanical mask made from volcanic ash and China clay — two of nature’s most powerful detoxifiers — is applied. After the mask is removed, the guest enjoys a relaxing massage. This treatment purifies and revitalizes the skin.

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