What are the best Los Cabos food experiences?

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Derrik Chinn
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Beyond the tourist-trap Mexican restaurants, you can find authentic food experiences from street food to farm-fresh produce — and even craft beers — in Los Cabos if you know where to look. Try these top five Los Cabos food experiences handpicked by our Forbes Travel Guide editors for a taste of Mexico that’s off the beaten path for many visitors:
1. Street eats. March's Feria de San Jose in Plaza Mijares is a smorgasbord of huaraches (the true Mexican pizza, despite the claims of any and all big-name Mexican fast food chains), tacos, taquitos, sopes, tortas, nopales (cactus), elote (corn), churros and other Mexican street eats that, unless you live in east L.A., you would never find back home.
2. Mexican microbrews. Craft brew culture is on the rise south of the border, and Baja is quickly earning its rep as the star of the scene thanks in part to its proximity to San Diego, America's unofficial craft beer capital. Taking the movement all the way to the end of the peninsula, Baja Brewing Company in San Jose — run by four Coloradan expats — produces a blond, black, red and stout and a raspberry brew. Sip your way through samples of all five at their brewery tasting room and work in a tour if time permits.
3. The wine and food festival. Capella Pedregal hosts its annual wine and food fest in mid-July, a four-day stretch of cooking demonstrations with star chefs, wine and cheese tastings, a five-course dinner and cocktail mixers in the sand.
4. Fresh food at the farmers market. Hit up the Cabo farmers market — open Wednesdays and Saturdays until noon at the Mar Adentro Spa — for organic produce, bread, pastas, pastries, chicken, spices and sauces.
5. Eat something you hooked yourself. Local fishermen will clean your catch for a small fee — some will even cook it for you — and nothing tastes nearly the same as fresh Baja Sur seafood slightly marinated with a little congratulatory pat on the back.

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