Where are the best places to eat in Los Cabos?

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When seeking out the best places to eat in Los Cabos, foodies will find farm-to-table heaven in San Jose del Cabo, while Cabo San Lucas is home to glam dining galore. For a comprehensive taste of the region, split your mealtimes as evenly as possible between the two — plus do your taste buds a favor and brazenly wander off the beaten path with a small wad of pesos and your eyes peeled for any and all taquerias that happen to be crawling with locals. For the best dining the Los Cabos region has to offer, here are Forbes Travel Guide’s editors’ top five picks for the best places to eat in Los Cabos:
1. Casianos. This restaurant in San Jose forgoes a formal menu for what it calls "spontaneous cuisine," which translates to chef Casiano Reyes coming up with a star mystery dish on a nightly basis based on whatever happens to be freshest, in season and at hand.
2. Deckmans. Savor spotted sand bass, cucumber gazpacho and duck magret to the beat of a live band at this San Jose organic eatery run by American chef Drew Deckman.
3. La Fonda. This Cabo restaurant on Miguel Hidalgo and Obregon offers combos of maguey worms, fried grasshoppers, ant eggs and other gourmet (if bizarre to the average tourist) delicacies more common to Central Mexico. Folkloric aptly describes the cuisine, served in a hacienda setting that’s thick with colorful, colonial flair.
4. Gordo Lele's. Whenever Lele steps out from behind the counter with a microphone for a Beatles or Elvis serenade, Gordo Lele’s goes from a local tacos and tortas mainstay that doubles as a pop culture time capsule to an impromptu karaoke bar — it’s all part of the fun, with great food to match.
5. Los Tres Gallos. This is the closest you'll come to a home-cooked Mexican meal in Cabo without being invited to Sunday dinner by a doting local. Tres Gallos serves up plates of mole, huitlacoche (a blackish-blue corn fungus) and other adventurous dishes, all best washed down with sips of mescal or a mango margarita made with fruit from the trees surrounding the outdoor dining room.

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