What is the seating like at China Rouge?

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Heidi Leon Monges

The seating at China Rouge’s bar and lounge area as well as on the mezzanine floor is quite elaborate. The theme of a forbidden, secret chamber abounds, with nods to Parisian and Shanghainese Art Deco, as well as the style of Russian-born painter and designer Romain de Tirtoff (aka Erté), whose use of bold, bright, figurative images are iconic of the 1930s.  
The bar and lounge area feels like an old European café and bar. Modern-day fuchsia velvet boudoir chairs, poufs and chaise lounge sofas and café-style tables are situated in the center of the room, surrounding an intricate Art Deco black column that dramatically spreads over the tall ceiling in the form of a grand flower. Throughout the space, small, cozy spaces with elegant chairs in dark leather and café-style tables are displayed around the central lounge. Facing the central boudoir lounge, there is an exquisite and dazzling bar area with high stools.
In the mezzanine, facing the central stage, the audience can enjoy the entertainment while seated at one of the several lounge chairs and cabaret tables. There is also a striking long bar with stools, flanked by stained glass artwork featuring scenes inspired by Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a classic piece of Chinese literature. In the showroom, you’ll find velvety sofas and chairs in a trendy boudoir style.

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