What words best describe the style of Banyan Tree Macau?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

The words we would use to describe the style of Banyan Tree Macau are contemporary, soothing, natural, Oriental and showy. Here’s why:
1. Contemporary. With its in-room relaxation pool, Tibetan wood bath tub and high-tech amenities such as dual flat-screen TVs, Blu-ray DVD player and bedside room control panels, accommodations at this luxury Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Macau hotel are chic, stylish and contemporary.
2. Soothing. Soft, soothing music wafts through the public areas, from the towering lobby to the dimly lit guest room corridors, superseded only by the occasional plucking of a Khim in the lobby by a musician dressed in traditional Thai costume.  
3. Natural. A number of natural elements are incorporated into Banyan Tree Macau’s overall design, from beds of stones and water installations in the lobby to artwork made from wood positioned near the guest room elevator areas.
4. Oriental. Light fixtures near the lobby elevators are covered by ornate Oriental-style shades, while abstract Asian paintings and decorative pieces with flowers, leaves or forests are hung in the villas and suites. 
5. Showy. It may not be as showy as some of the other glitzy hotels and casinos in Cotai, but Five-Star Banyan Tree Macau certainly has a little over-the-top Vegas glamour in it, particularly at its outdoor pool area that has a 350-ton white-sand beach and the world’s largest outdoor sky-wave pool.

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