What is the design style of Grand Hyatt Macau?

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The design style of Grand Hyatt Macau is sleek and modern with a healthy dose of panache. Though the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel is in one of the most glittering capitals in Asia, it has a more international style that would be right at home anywhere. Modern artwork adds splashes of color and funky shapes to neutral walls. Christmas-tree-shaped structures covered in sequins make for bright red pyramids lining the entrance out front, and bright fuchsia pyramids dotting the public spaces throughout. In the lobby, large hanging teardrop-shaped sculptures and cascading light fixtures that look like bubbles are suspended from the ceiling. Expanses of marble, stone and gorgeous views all around make Grand Hyatt Macau stylish and fresh.

Heidi Leon Monges

Grand Hyatt Macau’s lobby, with its stunning 66-foot ceiling, perfectly signals the stylish and dramatic design style of the whole property. An abundance of glass, metal and marble ornaments give the hotel a posh, cutting-edge feel. The entryway, as well as the other public spaces and the guest rooms exude elegance and refinement. The lobby and the adjacent Pâtisserie share a striking and complex sculpture by renowned Chinese artist Danny Lee. Water cascades over a giant stainless-steel hemisphere, while above it, curved stainless ribbons shower down from a cloud-like motif in the ceiling. Hotel guests and visitors tend to approach the sculptural fountain and touch it to improve their luck. This is Macau, after all.

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