What makes Grand Hyatt Macau different from other hotels?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

The clean, modern style of the posh guest rooms makes Grand Hyatt Macau stand out from other hotels. Throughout your room, you’ll notice an emphasis on defined lines, right angles, geometric shapes, and bright whites contrasting with dark browns. The bathroom design is very unique, with a shower and bath area completely encased in glass, while the other areas are separated from the bedroom by dark wood sliding doors. A one-panel shade can be drawn to shield the transparent bathing area from the rest of the room. The sinks are bright white porcelain bowls, set atop the dark wooden counter. The matching egg-shaped bathtub is next to the shower which offers two choices: a rainfall shower from a broad, circular shower head suspended from the ceiling, or a detachable rectangular shower head, which can also be used mounted on the wall. From the guest rooms to the public areas, this Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel has an avant-garde style that makes it unique.

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