What's the best time to visit Grand Hyatt Macau?

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Heidi Leon Monges

As Macau’s City of Dreams offers an exciting experience year-round, the best time to visit Grand Hyatt Macau depends on what you’re seeking. For a peaceful holiday, travelers might want to visit the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel during a quiet time when there are no holidays or special festivals happening. This way, both the resort and the city offer a more tranquil experience, offering the perfect time to enjoy the World Heritage sites or relax by the expansive swimming pool. If excitement is what you crave, then weekends and bank holidays like Chinese New Year, Golden Week (October 1st) or a Grand Prix racing event would be the best time to visit. 
Any time you choose to visit Grand Hyatt Macau, you’ll be richly rewarded with entertainment events in City of Dreams venues like Cubic nightclub or Franco Dragone’s acclaimed aquatic show The House of Dancing Water.

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