Are there any signature desserts at Aurora?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

Though you’ll love digging into one of Aurora’s classic Italian desserts, such as a creamy chocolate mousse or light slice of tiramisu, our Forbes Travel Guide editors recommend going all in by ordering one of the restaurant’s sinfully delicious signature sweets. You won’t regret it. though you may feel a guilty urge to add an extra 30 minutes or so to your next workout.
Aurora’s two signature desserts, manjari chocolate temptation and chocolate fondant, are a chocolate lover’s dream. We loved both, but if you don’t mind waiting a little extra longer for the chocolate to get warm and gooey, order the heavenly fondant, which is served with caramelized banana, Italian pistachio, Sicilian cream and a refreshing scoop of golden saffron ice cream.

At Aurora, we offer a few knock-your-socks-off desserts that are sure to leave you in a state of sweet euphoria. The Chocolate Manjari Tentation is our crème de la crème of signature desserts. Another top-notch treat is our hot chocolate fondant with caramelized banana and Italian pistachio. If you choose to order the chocolate fondant, it is important to order in advance since it takes 10 minutes to prepare. Besides our signature dishes, we also offer various other desserts such as an Italian tiramisu with fruit compote and raspberry sorbet, panna cotta with coconut and mango parfait, and yogurt ice cream.

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