Does the chef visit the table at Aurora during the dining experience?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

Practice your Italian, because Aurora’s Chef Michele Dell’Aquila will likely visit your table at some point after he has done his best to wow you with his southern Italian cuisine. Dell’Aquila hails from Puglia in southern Italy, but prior to working in Macau, he has cooked in Europe and Asia, in both Tokyo and Bali. Because of his southern Italian roots, fish and seafood are his loves. You will see this on the menu in dishes like the smoked prawns with capsicum sauce that are left untouched enough that you can detect the subtle taste of the salt from the sea. You’ll experience exquisitely fresh seafood and other ingredients when you dine at Aurora in the Altira Macau.

Sometimes it’s the small, thoughtful moments while you’re dining with us at Aurora that make your experience that much more enjoyable. During the course of your meal, our world-renowned chef Michele dell’Aquila will visit your table to check in and ask about your experience thus far. It is our way of letting you know that we want to take the time to personally meet all of our guests who pass through the restaurant. Our attitude throughout Altira Macau stresses the importance of personalized service, and a tableside visit by our chef is just another extension of this mentality.

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