Does the menu at Aurora have seasonal dishes?

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Aurora chef Michele dell’Aquila goes to great lengths to build the menu at this award-winning southern Italian restaurant around locally sourced, fresh ingredients. Given the relative dearth of products available locally that fill dell’Aquila’s culinary needs, however, seasonal dishes at Aurora are often shaped by what’s in-season and imported from Italy: when truffles and mushrooms, for example, are in season in Italy, you’re likely to find them somewhere on Aurora’s menu.
Those seasonal ingredients that appear in Aurora’s variety of seasonal dishes may not be quite as fresh as they would be in a meal prepared in dell’Aquila’s native region of Puglia, but our Forbes Travel Guide Editors appreciated the chef’s passion for authenticity and swear it makes a considerable difference to eat Italian food prepared with ingredients that actually came from Italy.

Throughout the year, our menu at Aurora features seasonal dishes, where some of ingredients are flown in from Italy. If you visit us during our fall and winter seasons, you’ll see our menu sprinkled with cold weather favorites such as venison, bison and guinea fowl. Join us in the fall for truffles and mushrooms interspersed throughout our dishes, and the summer months allow for juicy peaches and melons from Italy, or try a summer salad with organic vegetables and both green and white asparagus. Depending on the time of year you choose to dine with us, you can ask your server what specific foods are in season and available on the menu.

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