What is the cheese course like at Aurora?

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Our Forbes Travel Guide editors feel Aurora’s cheese courses are one of if not the best in Macau. Cheese aficionados who prefer to create their own decadent cheese plates will delight in browsing the restaurant’s expansive selection of cheeses imported from Italy, but your server is also happy to make recommendations or place the order for you.
Cheese courses at Altira Macau’s  Italian restaurant offer the flexibility of choosing any three, four or five cheeses on the menu. We’ve never met a cheese we didn’t love, but Aurora’s ricotta di bufala, robiola di capra, gorgonzola dolce extra and blu di mucca piemontese are all especially delicious.

If you like a good cheese course during your meal, Aurora offers a variety of course selections for you to choose from. Depending on how much you want to order, we provide Italian cheese platters of three (HK$116), four (HK$153) and five (HK$182) selections. The cheeses you can choose from on the menu include fresh, soft, semi-hard and hard. Our specialty is the Burrata Pugliese from the southern region of Italy. Burrata is a cheese made from mozzarella and cream, where the outer shell is solid mozzarella and the inside is a mixture of mozzarella and cream. Burrata comes from the Italian word for “butter,” hinting at its smooth, soft texture and creamy taste. Other cheeses to make your mouth water include a 24-month-old Red Cow parmesan (best quality), crottin goat cheese matured in small holes in the cellar, and Bettelmatt, a cheese made from grass-fed cows raised in the high-altitude region in the Piedmont Formazza Valley. If you’re unsure about which course to choose and what kind of cheese to order, our staff is more than willing to help guide you through your selection.

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