What is the food presentation like at Aurora?

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Food presentation is clearly considered an important part of the dining experience by Aurora chef Michele dell’Aquila and his talented kitchen staff, who treat the restaurant’s award-winning southern Italian cuisine like small pieces of edible art.
Our smoked, bright-pink prawns with red capsicum sauce appetizer, for example, was so delicately layered on the plate that it allowed our Forbes Travel Guide editors to dig in and taste the pungent sauce by itself or with the prawns, and vice versa; the same could be said about our memorable plate of handmade fettuccini with Mediterranean mussels, sea urchin and parsley juice. Function is, indeed, given as much attention as form at Aurora. 

Our food presentation at Aurora combines sophistication with a colorful and delicate touch. The menu blends traditional Italian fare with unique elements and ingredients, and we showcase all of the combinations on our plates. Using a diverse range of fish, seafood, and Mediterranean traditions, expect to find an acute attention to detail on every dish placed in front of you. Between creamy sauces, fresh herbs and three-dimensional artistic creations, chef Michele dell’Aquila’s refined culinary skills are showcased in the presentation of his food. Whether you order an appetizer such as the pan-seared foie gras with beetroot jam, orange juice and basil, or a main course such as slow-cooked bresse pigeon breast with green pea risotto, wild berries salad and green tea, take a moment to observe the creation placed in front of you before you dig in for your first bite.

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