What is the interior design of Aurora?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

Aurora, located inside the sleek and contemporary Five-Star hotel Altira Macau, is an attractive modern room that’s punctuated by the incredible views of the skyline and surrounding sea that can be seen outside the floor-to-ceiling windows. The copper guild combined with the open kitchen creates an environment that feels warm and inviting, and simultaneously dressy and sophisticated. During the day, the room has the feel of a casual bistro, while at night, the addition of white linens table cloths and candlelight give the space a more romantic feel.

Despite our location in the Far East, Aurora proves to be an Italian oasis within the walls of Altira Macau. Modern furnishings and touches sprinkle the landscape in the restaurant, with rich chocolate browns complimented by copper paneling and soothing lighting. Light Italian marble is interspersed throughout the space, creating a sleek balance to the heavier tones found in the furniture and the carpet. Overall, we want to make you feel cozy and comfortable, with the feeling that you’re dining at a sophisticated Italian restaurant with sumptuous sweet and savory cuisine.

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