What is the service like at Aurora?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

Attentive service is a significant part of the luxurious dining experience you’ll enjoy at Altira Macau’s award-winning Italian restaurant Aurora. You’ll barely have a chance to pour your own tea, refill your own water or even place your napkin on your lap: the friendly waitstaff almost seems to know what you need before you do.
Drinks, appetizers, mains and desserts all arrived at our table with perfect timing, and empty plates were promptly cleared. Chef Michele dell’Aquila is the calm Italian you can see whipping up the restaurant’s southern Italian delights in the buzzing open kitchen, but you’ll likely have the chance to meet him in person at your table, too, since he often walks through the dining room to talk with his guests once they’ve savored a few delicious bites of his sophisticated cuisine. The knowledge and enthusiasm of Keith Lam, Aurora’s wine sommelier, won our Forbes Travel Guide editors over as well.

Sometimes it’s the small, thoughtful moments while you’re dining with us at Aurora that make your experience that much more enjoyable. During the course of your meal, our world-renowned chef Michele dell’Aquila will visit your table to check in and ask about your experience thus far. It is our way of letting you know that we want to take the time to personally meet all of our guests that pass through the restaurant. Our attitude throughout all of Altira Macau stresses the importance of personalized service, and a tableside visit by our chef is just another extension of this mentality.

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