Who is the pastry chef at Aurora?

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All of Aurora’s buttery pastries and decadent desserts are made in-house by chef James Chan, who has spent the past 30 years perfecting his craft at Five-Star hotels around the world such as The Excelsior in New York and Hong Kong’s The Peninsula Hong Kong, which is internationally recognized for its unbelievably delicious afternoon tea sets.
You’re in luck if you fashion yourself as something of a pastry aficionado, not just because you’ll have a chance to indulge as many of chef Chan’s divine creations as your stomach can handle when dining at Aurora, but also because it’s possible to book a private table that’s effectively your backstage pass to catching a close-up glimpse of Chan’s magic in the pastry kitchen. Be warned, however, that you’ll have to sample all of the delicacies, probably starting with the tiramisu. Your friends back home will truly pity you.
Our Forbes Travel Guide editors feel the best time and place for sampling the widest variety of pastries is during breakfast at Aurora. The pastry breakfast option is a recommended one, as long as you can handle an entire plate of sinful delicacies served with a cup of coffee, that is. We have a feeling you’ll manage just fine.

Our pastry chef, James Chan, launched his career in the early 1980s, working in major Five-Star properties such as The Excelsior, Langham Place and The Peninsula in Hong Kong.

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