Who is the wine director at Aurora?

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Keith Lam is the beverage manager and wine director at Altira, the Italian restaurant in the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Altira Macau. In this capacity, Lam oversees wine selections for Aurora. Mr. Lam came to Aurora recently with years of experience developing wine collections and beverage offerings in luxury hotels all around Macau. He takes great pride in making sure Altira’s restaurants house a selection of wines that include the familiar ones you might be looking for and then some more rare bottles. After taking note of people’s preferences over the years, he has a special insight into what it takes to create a satisfying and thrilling wine list.

As wine director at Aurora, Keith Lam explains that his job requires extensive knowledge about wine and, therefore, he attends various wine launch parties and conducts thorough research to always remain up-to-date about new information. Keeping in close contact with the chef is also highly important, so after work the chefs will create some new dishes that Lam can pair with various wines. In order to provide the restaurant with the best new wine, he maintains good relationships with the different suppliers as a way to receive the latest news and products and to bring these new products to Macau. As a wine expert, Lam feels it is crucial to know his customers so that he can assess your preferences. Talking to you during the meal, he is able to guide you through the process of selecting the proper wine to go along with your food.

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