What are five things to know about Golden Flower at Wynn Macau?

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With several tidbits to appreciate about Golden Flower at Encore Macau restaurant, we’ve picked out some key things to know about the fine-dining establishment.  

1. Interior design. Pay attention to the upside down translucent teapots that are anchored to the ceiling at Golden Flower as they provide a nice touch to the Asian-inspired décor.  

2. Experienced staff. Golden Flower is helmed by executive master chef Liu Guo Zhu and his talented apprentices.

3. Tan cuisine. The restaurant is especially renowned for its Tan cuisine. A notoriously sophisticated method of cooking, Tan cuisine typically involves the most precious ingredients lovingly prepared by using several types of cooking styles over many hours. It was the cuisine of choice for royalty and authorities during the Qing Dynasty. You will also find Shandong and Sichuan dishes on the menu at Golden Flower.

4. Tea is top-notch. Golden Flower is the only restaurant in Macau with its own tea sommelier; expert Fiona Wan helps guests choose the right tea to go with their palate and she explains the philosophies behind tea drinking to patrons as she prepares and pours.

5. Mix it up. The restaurant is infused with a bold blend of colors throughout — in the Peacock Room, there’s blue and white china, and in the main dining room with its parasol-shaped lighting fixtures, expect to see gold, red and orange hues all over. Even the art mosaics found inside the private dining rooms add a striking touch.

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